I'm Nancy, but most people call me Nance...

I'm a full-time Wedding & Portrait Photographer, this is my job, my only job, my love, my passion and I consider myself very, very lucky to be doing something I adore. I've been a photographer for about 8 years. I love my quirky little style and prefer to shoot a wedding as candid and unposed as possible. It makes for better photos...dare to be different, hence my Fearless Photographer membership!  I'm also very lucky to have the most awesome Second Shooter, we really do make an excellent, eclectic and powerful mix. Check out some of his work here: Andy

In 2018 I will be offering Elopement Photography preferably in the Outer Hebrides, Sutherland, The Kintyre Peninsula and Worldwide too! I'm based in Lancashire, Chorley to be exact but will travel the length and breadth of the universe (petrol & expenses apply obviously) for a fabulous wedding. 

I like to really get to know my Wedding Clients, I feel you've got to get to know a person's, likes, dislikes, loves, hobbies and by knowing all their little quirks, their favourite music, colour etc...it really impacts on my photography. It brings my photography even more to life, it brings it soul, substance, and depth if that's possible. Good communication is key in wedding and portrait photography and having a pleasant and calm personality is very important. To know a little more about me and how I tick, read on...

Stop the press!! I'm not influenced by anybody in photography (shock, horror, gasp) but I am totally influenced by:

  • Film Noir…I adore the cinematography of Metropolis 
  • Poetry is beyond awesome: The Life That I Have, The Guy In The Glass and Phenomenal Woman to name but a few
  • Libraries are for getting lost in literally... 
  • I Love the smell of books!!!
  • Art…my favourite painting is The Kiss (no, not Klimts)…but Francesco Hayez 
  • Abstract anything
  • Perspective everything
  • Art Deco architecture enthrals me and so do the Art Deco summer holiday posters
  • Stevie Wonder, ELO, Judy Tzuke & Chick Corea…now that’s my eclectic music mix haha…
  • The Secret Life of Plants by Stevie Wonder is my all time favourite music album 
  • The comedy gold of Dave Allen and Peter Sellars has had me chuckling for years
  • I love Vogue…I really just do look at the photos…I never read it
  • My favourite books are the Secret Garden, The Railway Children & Carve Her Name with Pride...
  • I'm mad about the blue and pink ones in Liquorice Allsorts and they never put enough in!!!

And finally...

I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and it changed my life, forever…one of the things that kept me going was my love for photography!!! I also started to do all the things I was scared to do in the past…starting up a Wedding Photography business was one of those things. With the help of many marvellous people, here I am today, bigger (ok a tad chunkier, haha) bolder (most definitely) and wiser (amen) and a clean bill of health!!!

Well, there are some crazy details about me above but if you want to see me in action photographically, then check out my personal video on the Home Page. It shows me at work on a Wedding, Family Portrait & Model shoot or have a look through my photos in The Gallery. If you like what you see and think we could work together, then get in touch.

Peace out, Nance x