"From Lancashire with Love..."

LECTURES 2021/22

"In 1965, a would-be Wedding Photography Lecturer was born and made to work in jobs she didn't like.

This woman promptly escaped from a life of drudgery and learned all she could about photography, teaching & editing.

Today, she is wanted for desperate 'camera clubs, photography societies, networking meetings, women's groups, and mixed groups all over the UK & beyond.

She survives, making a living out of being informed, comprehensive, entertaining, and showcasing beautiful & quirky wedding photography.

If you have Zoom and if no one else can help, and if you can find me, maybe you can hire Nancy Lisa Barrett Photography for your lecture!"


Are you looking for a lecturer?

Or to be more precise a Wedding Photographer who turned her hobby into a successful business? 

Who overcame many hurdles to 'make it' in the over-saturated (no pun intended) photography business. 

If you are, then read on...

My lecture includes:

Slideshow intro

A brief look at my 'other' photography

How I started

The mistakes I made

Interactive Sessions

Real-life photos

How I changed

Marketing & Social Media

Covid weddings & the future



Preston Photographic Society Lecture - 28 November 2019 


Ian M - Great talk Nancy, informative, humorous and honest

Trevor J S - Every credit Nancy. Well done, very enjoyable talk

Paul Y - She was good. Would recommend 

Lynda M - Loved it - honest and from the heart! 

Bernie K - Thanks Nance, I enjoyed that

Iain J - Thanks Nancy, really enjoyed it. Going to take the QR code thing and use it. Makes sense

Karen B - U were great, really enjoyed your honest, heart on sleeve approach 

Derek C - Informative and amusing, just as it should be!

Sandra W - Fascinating talk delivered by a Lancashire lass with love - well done!

Lesley W - You were amazing, well done. It’s probably harder doing in front of people you know rather than strangers

Lucy A - Brilliant Nancy as expected!

Tim G - Well done Nancy, great talk

Louise O - Fantastic enjoyable talk well-done xx

Michael W - Thank you, Nancy, for a great and enjoyable talk last night

Stephen R - Nancy Lisa Phillips Thanks for a really good night


Blackburn Camera Club - 10 February 2020


Lynn C - A thoroughly inspirational presentation Nancy! Your commitment and passion as a wedding photographer is amazing, your demonstration of talent - exceptional!!

Andrew W - Enjoyed the evening, very inspirational, you're a natural speaker

Lee C - Good night, excellent talk

Sue W - Thanks Nancy it was a brilliant presentation. Confirmed that wedding photography is not for me! Your stories and explanations of the shots were excellent. Thanks again.

Nan G - ‘The Thanks’ should go to you Nancy for being such an interesting speaker yesterday evening [10th Feb 20]. I don’t think we have ever had a speaker that gave as much content into their talk. Slideshows, pictures, AV clips, all put together with a very comprehensive and entertaining commentary - that gave us a real insight into the ‘magic moments’ and unexpected happenings that take place as a wedding is planned and unfolds. You came across as having a very individualistic style, that combined with care for the bride and groom at a very professional level of photography. At Blackburn District Camera Club we thoroughly enjoyed your visit and look forward to the next time we meet.

All the best, Nan


Chapel Camera Club, Chapel En Le Frith - 3rd February 2021


Helena Jones - Chapel Camera Club really enjoyed your talk, Nancy. Thank you so much. We learned about the pleasures and pitfalls of Wedding photography and how your cheery personality and creative approach gets impressive results. There are not many talks when I spend the whole 2 hours with a smile on my face! Your humour is infectious and I highly recommend you talk to give people an insight on this side of commercial photography. Thank you.

Chapel Camera Club Member - 'Really refreshing and fun talk tonight'
'I bet she's great at putting people at ease at a wedding'

Chapel Camera Club Member - Another enjoyable presentation, even though I've not done any wedding photography. Nancy was fun, entertaining and I particularly liked seeing her creative ideas. I was amazed at some of her photos taken in difficult surroundings.


Camversation FB - 22nd April 2021


Mark Evans - Camversation

Huge thanks to Nancy Lisa Phillips for giving us a cracking talk last night on Camversation. I have to say that if you have a spot you need to fill in your programme, Nancy's talk is super engaging, down to earth, and honest. It's titled wedding photography, but really it's just about being a great photographer, how to overcome challenges, and keep yourself going in your craft. I enjoyed it loads and even my other half (who isn't into photography!) sat in on it too.


(New Booking) - Gateway Camera Club Dover - 17th June 2021