June 23, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I had a Pre Wedding Photoshoot booked with Alison & Andy up near Rivington and we'd tinkered around with a few ideas of what we wanted to do. Come the day and the heavens opened literally...it was raining and pouring with a vengeance, but we're not wimps, so we changed venues to Avenham Park in Preston (mainly because I knew there was a lot of bridges we could shelter under...haha). A bit further into the morning, Alison's Make-Up Artist failed to show up, so it was a last minute scramble for her to get somebody else, which she did...well done the new MUA btw. 

I finally met the happy couple and their little dog at the Continental. I always think it's nice to know that your wedding photographer can work around taxing circumstances and I did...but it's also marvellous that the wedding couple can give everything a go, try different poses and dare to be different...and they did...BIG TIME!!!! The photos below are just a selection from their Pre Wedding Shoot but if you click on any of the photos in this blog it will take you to the full gallery of a typical Pre Wedding Shoot that I do or you can just click this link: ALISON & ANDY


I shot this first photo in the pouring rain with my trusty brolly tied to me (so my hands were free to use my camera) whilst they were nice and warm in their lovely car. We utilised every available situation from there on in.

Then we went under the railway bridge and managed to get many different shots here...incredibly varied actually. The light was really quite good in parts too even though it was dull and very wet.

avenham park kiss under the lamp post and railway bridge

I loved how the light caught Alison's face and her eyes are startlingly blue...when she is not laughing (which she does a lot) she has got the most awesome serene face...so there!!

the bride to be stood under the railway bridge looking towards the bit of sun in avenham park preston

...and Andy...well what can I say about Andy (we actually went to the same school together and discussed in depth the teachers and the shenanigans they they got up to...most fun, haha). Andy reminds me of Chief Brodie from Jaws. he's got a right strong jaw line (no pun intended) and you know when somebody is going to look stonking in Black & White and he did too!!! 

a gritty trio of black and white portrait shots of the groom to be in avenham park preston

This is my quirky nature coming through. Alison & Andy have military backgrounds and I thought it would be cool to get them standing at ease...and the dog too...this was shot 20+ hahaha. I got my shot though.

pre wedding at ease including the dog at avenham park preston lancashire

I adore unscripted moments...this was Alison being Alison ( a gentle kick for Andy)...she's a little mischief that one hehe!!

fun in the park raining and pet dog under umbrella avenham park preston

No posing...just chatting...they are very natural in front of the camera. 

Awww...very photogenic...all 3 of them...x

pre wedding couple shoot and their dog in the rain in avenham park preston

Laughter in the rain on the wonky steps at Avenham.

the bride and groom to be on the rickety steps at avenham park with their dog

Romancing The Stone...great thing about it being rainy...there was nobody about...woot woot, clear shots!

a romantic kiss on avenham miller park in the rain on pre wedding shoot preston

Dare To Be Different...Who Dares Wins!!!

splashing through puddles near avenham park preston continental pub

A great day had by all...x

Mwuaahhhh xxx


I hope you enjoyed Alison & Andys's Pre Wedding Shoot Storyboard, I know we enjoyed making and creating it. If you or somebody you know is looking for a Wedding & Portrait Photographer then contact me on TEL: 07921864470 of EMAIL: [email protected] My Wedding Packages are very varied and competitive and you can view them here: WEDDING PRICES 

Peace out...Nance x