August 29, 2019

Family/Lifestyle Portrait Lytham

Here is the second Family/Lifestyle Photo Shoot from Sunday just gone. This was taking place in the beautiful town of Lytham. It's a favourite place of mine and Andy's for photographing The Windmill, the coast and stunning sunsets. We were very lucky that the day we were there with Nicola, Ryan & Delilah, it was a jolly nice sunset too.

We started off in that gem of a park, Lowther Park. It's a small, well-formed little park and so neat and tidy and a joy to be in for all the family. Because the clocks had gone back that day we had to work to a fairly tight schedule, which between us, we all pulled off effortlessly.

We started off with a reflection shot by the pond, then a bit of shade under a tree, a bright sunny bench shot, then more shade. We do like to mix it up a bit to get a variety of shots. Before heading to the promenade we even had time for a quick starburst shot...and why not?

We also put one black and white shot in which was this young, fun and funky family strolling across the zebra crossing...shades on too, to complete the look, haha. Off to the prom for the final